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I have wanted to contribute to the Oracle community, but so many quality resources exist, I thought, why bother. Despite some of the amazing resources, I found dirth of information with the Public Sector, specifically integration of COEUS to Oracle Grants. Obscure? Probably, but it will help with my job at the Research Foundation for SUNY, so I plan to post information related to my work in this area. I hope someone else can benefit from my experiences. If I post something from someone else, I will be sure to credit and you should too.


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I have been in IT forever. Old dog, not many new tricks. So I have decided to change and refocus my site on the integration of COEUS to Oracle Grants.

I would be interested in other's experiences in this area and would love to have you share your experiences. I offer you what I have without charge, but test it before using. I am not that smart. send me a note, and I'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.